Amelia Maurer


Amelia Maurer is a recent graduate from UC Santa Cruz

with a Bachelor’s in Environmental Studies,

and she is passionate about everything in nature.


Through many ecology classes, internships, and field

research courses, she gained a significant understanding

and appreciation for the interactions between organisms

and the environment.  Amelia uses her artwork to reveal

the uniqueness of California’s native flora and fauna,

and to emphasize the importance in protecting these species.

Throughout her childhood, Amelia learned the basics of drawing

and painting from her mother, Sandra Maurer, a local watercolor artist,

and Mark Waelty, who teaches art at Bret Harte High School.

Amelia explored painting with acrylic and oil for years, and has

recently dived into wood burning, using a tool much like a soldering iron,

pictured here:  









Amelia plans to pursue a career in ecological research while

continuing to follow her passion for scientific illustration.