Anita Hellam lives and works in California’s Central Valley.

She has dedicated a quarter of a century looking for affordable

housing solutions for the working poor in the region.


This work is challenging and never-ending.  “It was not until

I began my inward exploration that I discovered I have an

artistic side, she explains.  Art is a form of personal expression

and offers me the satisfaction of advancing my ideas quickly and efficiently.

It gives me a sense of closure; something my work never does.”


Her artist studio is located on a small family farm where she lives with her

family and where she can develop her craft surrounded by inspirations from nature.

Her Husband, whose last name inspired La De Fajardo brand name,

is very supportive of this endeavor.

Over the past five years she has been experimenting with polymer clay techniques.

She stumbled across the medium and has found inspiration by stacking shapes and colors

to create detailed images.  She loves working in textures and unexpected mediums.

She has worked with a range of polymer brands to better understand the

potential for achieving specific outcomes.

Though she has no formal training, generous polymer artists from around the world

have mentored her through their tutorials and with their person advice and suggestions. 

Since making her work available to the public, she has experienced wonderful feedback

and support from other artists and the greater community.

Everything is handmade on a small scale.  Each piece is one-of-a kind.

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