Diana Boegel


My love of making art goes way back and I am fortunate

that my family encouraged me to keep it up.

Dad worked in various shipyards in the Bay Area and

would bring home stacks of paper with printing on one

side and I would use the blank side to draw!

At age nine mom and dad had me enrolled into an

art class for children offered by the California College

of Arts and Crafts.

From then on I took art classes there or wherever I could

until in 1992 when I met David Hardy who ran private art

classes out of a funky former hardware store space.

It was there I was introduced into classical painting and

drawing methods dating back to the 17th century.

Eventually I assisted teaching there until 2018 when I

moved to an area out in the country near Sonora California

where now I live and work from my home studio.

In addition to fine art I have studied calligraphy print making

and scientific illustration.

Today some of my work is collected abroad and is in

permanent collections at two non profit organizations which

supports adults with developmental difficulties.


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