Carole & Ron Kamerlink

Wild Hare & Silver Fox Designs


Silver, gold, copper, gemstones, natural stones, handmade glass beads.....this is our passion!  We constantly look at these materials and see endless possibilities for creating wearable treasures:  organic or glistening, delicate or bold, each piece is unique.  We hope you will enjoy our creations as much as we have enjoyed creating each to wear and wonderful to give.


We combine some of the above-mentioned quality materials with various techniques:  metalsmithing, flame painting, wire wrapping and wire weaving, form folding, etching and off loom bead weaving.  Flame painting has been the most challenging.  This involves heating the natural copper with a torch, cooling, re-heating, cooling and so on until the desired colors and patterns are obtained.  It is definitely a thrill to achieve certain color combinations.


Moving to Murphys on a full-time basis has given us to opportunity to do what we enjoy most.  Thanks to all who support local artists, we appreciate your support...


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