Linda Swedlund, Mosaic Artist


Linda is a transplanted Oregonian who moved to Arnold 15 years ago.

In a former life she was a special education teacher and she also

worked as a consultant with children and adults on the autism spectrum.  

Linda has pursued various arts and crafts throughout her life.

Though she has mosaicked for many years, she only began doing

mosaic work on rocks about eight years ago.

Linda enjoys searching for rocks all over the world, and then figuring

out what image would suit a particular rock.  Determining what colors

to use on each rock is also a major ‘fun’ part of her process.

Incorporated beads, dichroic glass and other ‘found’ objects make her

mosaics unique.   

“My rocks are quirky and different and I love hearing people say:

 ‘Wow, these are really cool!  How do you make them?’”


To view Linda's work please click here