Margaret Sloan



A narrative artist who creates watercolor and oil paintings to hold space

where you can connect with nature, other people, and yourself.

She builds a framework to reclaim the wholeness we are born with—our

innate bond with the substance and enigma of the world.


“I believe we all yearn for connection. To the planet, to animals, to community,

to each other. To ourselves. My work forges those connections.”


She has lived from northern California to southern Mexico, and now resides

in Calaveras County. She is a certified California Naturalist and holds a degree

in plant science, which brings depth to her nature paintings.

She honed her story telling skills at Sunset Magazine and the

Calaveras County Arts Council. She studied life drawing with Rob Anderson

and David Hardy at the Atelier of Classical Realism in Oakland, watercolor

with Steve Curl, and landscape painting with Felicia Forte and Halcyon Teed.


Margaret’s website:



    Coyote’s Gaze           Nest     Bear Valley Night Hawks



Ava in Paris       Lake Michigan Summer