Peter Winters

Born and raised on the east coast, I achieved a bachelor's degree

in product design from the Institute of Design in Chicago in 1971.

Rejecting the minimalist design style taught at the time, I moved to

Los Angeles to pursue other options.


I was introduced to wood turning through classes at a place called

the Cutting Edge. I bought a lathe and started turning exotic woods

into bowls and abstract shapes.

Then I was lured into home construction by the greater money I

could make, while I continued to wood turn for my own enjoyment

of artistic expression.
For a number of years I also took classes in oil painting and painted

on my own. The time available for those personal pursuits quickly

waned for several reasons. I got married, had two children soon and

also started my own construction company, building custom houses

from the ground up. That proceeded for many years until

I retired in 2020.


At that time I aggressively pursued my art. What is on display for sale

at Art on Main is the result of the last three years of experiment and

finalized wood turning.
I don't like to do the exact same shape twice so each of my creations

are unique. I like to say that the trees are the art; I just discover it,

expose it, and exhibit It to other lovers of wood. 


Click here to see a sample of my wood turnings