Sarah Switek, Ceramic Artist



 Sarah grew up in the Midwest where she received a BA in Art Education from Indiana/Purdue University. Sarah taught art to Junior High and High School level students in Indiana and St Simons Island Georgia. She met her husband in Georgia and then came to Northern California, where they started a business and a family. 


As an art educator, Sarah has done many forms of art, from printmaking to watercolor, oil painting and weaving. For the last 25 years she has focused mainly on working with clay. Sarah has taken numerous classes with well-known potters and sculptors during the last 15 years.  Her main focus was doing alternative type firings.  Sarah learned salt firing at Civic Arts Studio in Walnut Creek, and for the last four summers has taken a two week wood fire workshop with Jason Hess at Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff.


 At her studio, she has electric, gas, salt and Raku kilns.  Sarah does decorative and functional wheel work though her preference is for sculptural forms. Most of Sarah’s work has a strong textural element and she loves to combine the natural surface textures found in nature with the creations of  human and decorative forms.


 Marketing and exhibiting her work has only recently been a priority as she has narrowed her focus to a more serious artistic development. Presently, Sarah is expanding her involvement in shows and gallery exhibits. she also has several shows a year in her studio in Mokelumne Hill, California


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