Suzanne Jeler

Pinecone Art

I have always loved drawing and arts and crafts since childhood.

I grew up loving clothes and fashion and wanted to be in the

fashion industry after high school.  I attended and graduated

from the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in San Francisco.

Merchandising and making things pretty has always been a passion

of mine whether it be with clothing, jewelry, art, furniture, flowers

and now pinecones!

In my early years I worked in the retail management business,

but later in life got into the medical field working in business management there.

I am inspired by all of the beauty here in Calaveras County and

have family roots here since 1910.  My family and I have been coming

to Calaveras County since I was a baby and my husband and I were

lucky to make Vallecito our permanent residence 10 years ago.  

I use pinecones from my son’s home and parent’s houses in Murphys

and larger pinecones from Arnold to paint and assemble into beautiful

flowers for wreaths and wall art.  It’s a very joyful passion of mine.

I hope you enjoy my pieces!  Thank you!