Tim Hanrahan





Ceramic artist for over 20 years who splits time between Indio and the NorCal Gold Country.


As a retired engineer, I enjoy the depth of exploration that ceramics provides.

The variety of clays, glazes and firing processes offer an endless combination

of possibilities, and an infinite opportunity for research, testing, and experimentation.

My preferences lean toward those processes that produce “one of a kind” pieces,

like Raku, Pit Firing, Salt, and Crystalline glazing. These methods are technically challanging

and actually allow the firing process to have a hand in the artistic outcome.

The variety of results, makes opening the kiln similar to the anticipation and thrill of

unwrappinng a Christmas present.


Ceramics Education:


Wheel Throwing Walnut Creek Clay Arts


Alternative Firing Methods Walnut Creek Clay Arts


Salt Kiln Construction & Firing Processes Walnut Creek Clay Arts


Raku Walnut Creek Clay Arts


Tile Making Walnut Creek Clay Arts


Ceramic Sculpture College of the Desert


Crystalline Glazes College of the Desert


Numerous workshops – Don Reitz, Vince Patelka, Jane Perryman, Matt Long, Tom Wallich,

Steven Hill, Michael Berkley, Leslie Jensen, Bruno Kark, Glenn Grishkoff, Angel Luna.